smashing more than a dozen magic chains instantly. Humanity, speed to help me resist these three town Tianbei, as long PMI Certification as you give me ten times the time, the God can get out of PMP trouble Critical moment, the candlelight dragon shouted toward the confusion of the void. Hear the gods and candles seeking help sound, hiding in the environment in the leaf morning wind motionless, he knew that the number of levels PMP it exam of fighting, their blind help, only when cannon fodder. At this point, he placed all his hopes on the dark hand his father left in the heart of a candle, and he could do it, only waiting. The fifteenth hundred twenty eight chapter candle dragon service candle dragon, you do not do unnecessary struggle, obediently suppressed here, if you rebel, do not blame me kill you A domineering voice in the three Block Town monument in the sky sounded, threatening the best o.f the magic candle dragon. Old things, crackdown here, I was better than death, God today is a fight , but also try Undead of God and Candle Re

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