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Introducing BOSON – More modules for your LattePanda!

Hello Pandas, we hope you are doing well.

We are writing to announce that we have expanded our range of sensors! We now have 50+ compatible modules for your LattePanda!

These modules are from DFRobot’s Boson Kit. They can connect with your LattePanda via the 3 pin Gravity interface and offer various functions. Using these modules, you can explore a million different ways to play with your LattePanda.


Find out more on the Boson Kickstarter Page


LattePanda at Maker Faire Bay Area 2017

20th – 22nd May 2017, San Mateo, USA

Maker Faire, the Greatest Show and Tell on Earth, is a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness, and celebration of the Maker Movement. Maker Faire was born in 2005 out of the launch of Make: magazine as an opportunity for makers of all skills, interests, and ages to connect face-to-face and share their projects, insights, and excitement about making. Read more about the history of the Maker Movement and Maker Faire here.


At our booth we will be showcasing some of our LattePanda projects, answering questions and selling products. Come and say hi! We hope to announce the booth in the next few days!

See our entry on the Makerfaire website here.

1st Official LattePanda Community Meetup

We will be hosting our very first official LattePanda community meetup at Makerfaire!

Curious about LattePanda? Come along and learn more about this powerful Windows 10 SBC!
Have a LattePanda project that you would like to showcase? Tell us about it here.
Bring your project along on the day and win a special prize!

We will also be giving out LattePanda T-Shirts and Stickers!


A Call for Volunteers!

We are looking for booth volunteers! Are you in the San Mateo area? Available on the 20-22nd May 2017? Do you love tech? Would you like to help us out? Get in touch here.


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TK-Labs LattePanda Shield

TK-Labs in Korea have fabricated their own LattePanda stackable expansion shield. The expansion shield stacks on top of the LattePanda to unlock and enhance an array of features.

This is the second iteration of the design, and development is ongoing. Firmware is working but still under development.

Various new functions have been implemented using a STM32F373 MCU, including 16bit delta sigma ADC, 12bit ADC, 12bit DAC, DIgital Input, Digital Output, RTC, USB-VCP and Rs232c

A 5V@4A step down regulator is built in, so that the LattePanda is adequately powered. The underside of the board has a set of female headers that mate with the LattePanda’s CN2 power headers. A set of male headers on the underside of the board also mate with the LattePanda’s female UART headers to access the Cherrytrail chip.

Basic circuit tests and functional tests have been completed and a GUI for the firmware and test program (LABVIEW) has been created for the operation of the STM32F373 MCU.

The protocol for communication is a control protocol created by Mavlink to support various development languages.

There is a USB type A female connector to connect the LattePanda’s audio jack to the audio amplifier built in to the shield and the USB-VCP.

Key Features

  • 10V~36V DC Barrel Jack Input (direct to LattePanda CN2 headers)
  • Relay Out Terminal Blocks
  • RTC Connector
  • CAN-BUS Interface
  • DC Output for cooling fan
  • USB Serial Port
  • 5V NPN Out
  • 3W stereo audio amp out
  • Intel UART connection headers
  • LC meter connection
  • STM32F373 MCU virtual COM Port
  • STM32F373 MCU reset button
  • Digital to analog out voltage trimmer
  • 12bit digital to analog out (two channels)
  • Thermocouple K-Type input circuit (Range 200 – 1200C)
  • 12bit ADC (2 channels)

The board and firmware will be released later as open source and open hardware. Designs for this board are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 international license.

Original Blog Post

The original TK-Labs blog post can be found here (Korean).
A machine translated English version can be found here.
Find TKLabs on Google+

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New Distribution Partner! Mouser Electronics

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