How to Enable Auto Power On

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    Fri Sep 11, 2020 7:57 pm

    I know this has been posted before. I read them all and the posts are not clear as to exactly how you enable auto-power on.

    Lets settle this once and for all with easy, actionable steps so others can have success with your product.

    1) This is the board I bought. LattePanda - a Powerful Windows 10 Mini PC 4GB/64GB with Enterprise License - LattePanda V1.0 Edition. ... UTF8&psc=1

    2) How do you enable the auto power on with this model in particular?

    I see a lot of talk about flashing a USB stick with a new BIOS and almost all of the forums show people are having a lot of problems with this. There are multiple varieties of BIOS, it is not clear which one goes with which (for instance my LattePanda does not have an identifying sticker on the side so I have no idea which one I am supposed to choose). ... aster/Bios

    3) Using the images attached to this post and the listing on Amazon what model is this?

    4) Do I really need to set something in the BIOS? Can I not change this from the desktop?

    5) Are there any other ways to do this?

    Thank you for any tips!


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    Fri Sep 11, 2020 8:32 pm


    Forget trying to hold the ESC key it probably won't work as reported elsewhere.

    Instead, type in "BIOS" in the start menu. Go through the prompts to restart to change advanced settings.

    Then find the edit UEFI Firmware. It will then boot into BIOS.

    Still not sure why this is not used as the example for how to do it. One could easily get lost trying to flash on new BIOS and then inadvertently brick their device.

    This was is much easier and safer.

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