LattePanda Alpha Updated BIOS for Auto power-on --Beta Version

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Wed Aug 21, 2019 2:57 pm

You'll need the original BIOS (the standard version, I think only "Auto-Power_ON" version is made available.)

BIOS SPI flash can be reprogrammed using external SPI EEPROM programmer such as CH341 based (less than $10.) Software can usually be obtained from the seller. However, I'd rather ask LattePanda to provide official guidelines (or even better, instructions.)

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Wed Sep 04, 2019 1:27 pm


We have acquired a few of the new Alpha 864s and we need the auto power on feature. However, the files provided in the dropbox link are nothing like the ones for 864, which renders the tutorial quite useless. Any chance of a revision of the tutorial?

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Wed Sep 04, 2019 2:09 pm

Short update: the new LattePanda Alpha 800s and 864s use another Intel chip, the M3-8100y. The previous 800 and 864 used Intel m3-7y30. I flashed the BIOS for the 800, not 800s. We can choose the right BIOS for the used chip from here: ... ha%26Delta

A programmer from Amazon ( ... way&sr=8-1) and some wires to connect the BIOS headers to an 8-pin DIP socket inserted into the programmer helped to reflash the device.

Anyway the Auto power-on version seems to need some assistance by the power button :-),

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Wed Sep 04, 2019 3:03 pm

Hello everyone,

In a response to myself, I developed a small tutorial for LattePanda 864s (the one with the M3-8100y processor).
It hasn't got pretty images, but it should do the job:

  1. LattePanda 864s (also known as Alpha m3-8100y)
  2. USB drive
  3. Alpha 864s Auto-power-on BIOS, downloadable from ...
  1. Format the USB drive to FAT32 and rename it “WINPE”.
  2. Copy the contents of “Alpha 864s Auto-power-on BIOS/BS-7-S70KR300-KF65A-101-J” to the USB drive root.
  3. Plug the USB drive to LP and turn LP on. Press “Del” until entering the BIOS settings.
  4. Navigate to Save & Exit. Under Boot Override choose UEFI: Built-in EFI Shell and press “Enter”.
  5. Wait a few seconds and type “BIOS.nsh” when instructed to do so.
  6. Type “exit” to return to BIOS settings screen.
  7. Remove the USB drive, replace the contents with the files in “Alpha 864s Auto-power-on BIOS/EC-7-S70KR300_20190704”.
  8. Re-plug in the LP, choose UEFI: Built-in EFI Shell and press “Enter”.
  9. When the prompt “Shell>” is displayed, type your USB FS number (identified in the list as Removable HardDisk) followed by ‘:’
  10. Type “FEC64.nsh” and wait for “Update EC ROM successfully”.
  11. Type “exit”, remove the USB and unplug the LP.
  12. The first reboot after this process will take a few minutes.
If the process fails, one can always flash the original BIOS (as @clangen did). In our case, this was needed for one board.
We used the CH341a board, with the AsProgrammer 1.4 software. The board is connected to a PC by USB and to the BIOS chip with a clipper. The chip is the W25Q64JVSS1Q, located under the middle USB port. The original BIOS is available here

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Mon Oct 14, 2019 3:24 pm

Any chance of adding this auto power on feature to the Delta?

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Tue Oct 15, 2019 1:33 am

Please check this post for Delta.
Enjoy Tinkering with LattePanda ! :lol:

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