2010 Macbook Pro battery for lattepanda alpha???

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Sat Oct 12, 2019 8:38 pm

Hello guys!
So, I'm planning on making a portable device with a latrepanda alpha. I've got a 2010 Macbook Pro battery laying around here. The batteries are fine, I believe. I was wondering if I could use them in the 10p battery port. The 2010 MBP battery, as far as I know, have 9 pins, with a very similar order to the cube i9 battery that is known to work on the panda: 3 positive, 3 control pins (I believe CLK, feedback and SDA is the order) and 3 GND. As one of the pins in the cube i9 battery is not connected (NC) i believe that if I simply swaped the 9 pin connector to a 10 pin connector (and correct the control pins order if necessary) it woukd be fine.
One last thing that is actually quite importante: the MPB battery is a 3s 2p battery, wich means that there are 3 battery in series providing a voltage of 11.1v~ 12.6v. I''m planning on removing one of the series connector to have a 7.4v~8.4v as recommended in the dfrobots site. Perhaps even connected the 2 batteries in parallel that will be removed in parallel with the remaining, making it a 2s 3p battery pack and incresing the juice I can take of it.

What do you think about it? Beside the obvious risks envolving messing around with batteries (I am an electronic engineering student, almost graduated, so I know the safety measures and protocols), do you think this would work? Is there anything I missed that is Critical??

Thank you for your attention! Stay creative ;)

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Tue Oct 15, 2019 12:18 am

Although the 10-pin battery pack connector can take in 3S cell pack, it is not designed to charge 3s battery pack but
the 2S type.

Also note, the battery pack has its own BMS. 3S type will have a 3S BMS (and 2S pack will have an internal 2S BMS.)
They are not interchangeable nor "hacked" to cross-support each other. < --- here I am talking about the BMS in a standard laptop battery pack, not the simple eBay battery protection circuit (they are different)

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