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Industry 4.0 has been defined as “a name” for the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. The goal is the intelligent factory that is characterized by smart manufacturing, include big data processing capabilities, industrial connectivity devices and services, and advanced robotics.
With the trend of developing intelligent factory, the demand of data visualization is increasing day by day. Production line data reports are no longer presented on a monthly/weekly basis, but require more immediacy and readability. LattePanda, the Perfect Windows 10 SBC, is a good choice for your intelligent factory, given its maturity and stability.


The name LattePanda comes from the funny and stereotyped descriptions on diligent high-tech industry software/hardware engineers & developers who work overnight a lot and have eye bags and dark circles.

The Latte is taken from Latte Coffee, the necessity for them. Panda means the Giant Panda, characterized by large, black patches around its eyes. These elements are designed in the logo, and the panda eyes are also shaped like coffee beans.

LattePanda is a high performance, palm-sized single board computer with low power consumption that runs full windows 10 or Linux operation system.

Based on the cost performance, LattePanda series has three levels, LattePanda V1, LattePanda Alpha and LattePanda Delta.

Key Feature

Support Windows 10 & LinuxIntel® high performance processorSmall Volume & Low-power ConsumptionUltra-thin design, confine into any spaceUp to 42 expandable interface


Other specifications comparison



The smart factory represents a leap forward from traditional automation to a fully connected and responsive system. It requires the ability to learn from data in real time and enables the production line to avoid operational downtime.

LattePanda, the Perfect Windows 10 SBC, is an avenue for digital factory applications. It can ensure real-time display of production line data in order to obtain timely data and warning information. LattePanda has been used in the following applications.


Visual Dashboard

Visual Dashboards provide a simple way to track KPIs and make informed decisions. In a manufacturing context, they are particularly useful to improve the efficiency of manufacturing operations. Manufacturing digital dashboards automatically monitor, report and analyze operational metrics such as machine states and production output versus targets. Visually rich, interactive displays report the results that will assist in identifying hidden waste and opportunities for improvement. Certain calculation capability is required to complete data acquisition and processing. LattePanda has the functionality of data acquisition and processing.

Andon System for Lean Production

In manufacturing, the term Andon refers to a system which notifies managerial, maintenance, and other workers of a quality or processing problem. The alert can be activated automatically by the production equipment itself since LattePanda can monitor and report lighting status to the system. The following flow diagram can show you how it works.

The digital factory is a must for manufacturers to be able to increase production capacity. So, we see a future where the LattePanda SBC will become your intelligent factory for your needs.