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For the greater part of these past four years that the LattePanda 1st Generation SBC has been out and the two years that the AlphaPanda and DeltaPanda have been out, we have expeirenced together the vast number of exciting and important projects that our community of makers have made together! While observing these many projects, we have also noticed a range of features that LattePanda community users have requested in order to better use their LattePanda for the project they would like to make. Given this, we have come together to assemble our resources and show you the many solutions that have been discovered for these problems and showcase them in one unified article here. Enjoy!


Don’t forget to check out our article regarding how to install Ubuntu operating systems, which can be viewed here , and the YouTuber NovaSpirit Tech’s video on how to install the newest version of the Hackintosh operating system to the LattePanda series’ single board computers, which can be found here and here .




For those who want to be able to set up your LattePanda to boot up automatically as soon as you plug in a power source, then look no further! The procedure for how to set up your LattePanda to exhibit such a behavior is outlined in this LattePanda Community Forum post . Please make sure to follow the instructions just as they are prescribed by the admin, and you can look further down the forum post to find other pictures of successful iterations using this setup by other community users. Please note that you’ll want to prepare a backup of any folders and files before attempting to reflash the BIOS, and you’ll want to keep in mind that these changes may be permanent.

We can see quite easily that such a setup can lend many advantages to the avid maker. In the event that you have a project that requires the LattePanda SBC to be housed within some machinery and a proposed method to make it turn on and off simply by the presence or absence of power to the setup, respectively, then these settings will be an absolute necessity to allow this dream to be realized! This also helps other makers who might find it too difficult to devise a means to still have access to the LattePanda’s default power button, and could be just what they need to prevent the headache of finding some way to always reach the power button every time they want to power on their LattePanda-powered device. Still more makers would just like to enjoy the ultimate convenience of having an easy way to turn on their computer that assumes that anytime they will have it on is the same as the times that they will have power running to the board itself.

Save New Boot Order or Boot Sequence


Once you’ve started to become accustomed to how to use your LattePanda SBC, you may choose to experiment with how other advanced and bulky operating systems perform on your LattePanda. At this point, you may have a desired boot order that you would like the BIOS to remember for future iterations when you boot up your LattePanda SBC. In this case, you will likely want to follow the steps outlined in this forum in order to ensure that everything works according to your project’s required setup.


Make sure to find what you need and keep making!