Cool Your LattePanda V1 with the New Aluminum Passive Heatsink Case

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For most SBC cases, when dissipating heat from the mainboard, you need to use a separate heatsink or fan. However, the lifespan of the heatsinks and fans is finite. Especially in the industry scenario, the requirement for a stable environment is much higher. It is impossible to open the case and clean or replace the heatsinks or fans frequently. Thus, the LattePanda team developed a new product to solve this problem – Aluminum Passive Heatsink Case (for LattePanda V1).

All-mental Material

This new case uses all-mental material (aluminum alloy) whose thermal conductivity is much stronger than acrylic and silicon. The highlight is its passive cooling mode: at the bottom, there is a heat dissipate module. The 12mm long fins can take away the heat quickly without connecting to a separate heatsink or fan. After testing, the mainboard can be operated under full loading in a 24℃ environment, so that it will not run slow due to overheating. The material also increases the hardness and wear resistance of the case. All of these factors ensure the LattePanda board to work stably.

Elegant Appearance

As to the appearance, the all black anodizing and sandblasting makes the case look more elegant and sedate. A set of external enhancement antennas is provided inside the box to introduce external Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals into the box. The wing-shaped fixing plate enables the shell to be placed on the table or fixed on the wall stably.

Easy to be Customized

In addition, to make the case easy to be customized, the LattePanda team opens the design drawing of the surface panel to users. Normally, if you have a special demand for adding the official or even third-party expansion shields, you have to make a brand-new case. However, it can be easily realized in this SBC case by using different length and width of the surface panels made by yourself.

This Aluminum Passive Heatsink Case is now designed for LattePanda V1. The version for LattePanda Alpha and Delta will be online soon!

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