Run YOLOv10 on LattePanda Mu (Intel N100 Processor) with OpenVINO


In the rapidly evolving fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, object detection models play a crucial role in various applications, from autonomous driving to security systems. Among these models, YOLO (You Only Look Once) has gained widespread attention for its outstanding speed and accuracy. With the growing demand for more powerful and efficient models, the release of YOLOv10 marks a significant milestone. You can learn more about YOLOv10 and the performance of other YOLO versions in our previous articles. In this article, we will share the real-time performance of YOLOv10 running on the LattePanda Mu compute module developed by LattePanda. The Mu compute module possesses powerful computing capabilities, enabling it to run various machine learning and deep learning frameworks at high speed. If you are interested, you can refer to our previous test documentation of YOLOv8 running on the LattePanda Mu. Now, let's delve into the performance improvements of YOLOv10 and its potential to revolutionize object detection tasks.