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    You Reply: Is there anyway to repair it
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    You Reply: i install the system several times but the problem is still there. When i search on internet lots of forum says that Code 43 error is hardware error. Any Suggestions.
    Thank you
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    You Reply: Arduino Leo is not connecting when reset it
    And these are the screenshots of Device Manager

    Thank you Attachments ss1.png ss1.png (88.93 KiB) Viewed 3700 times ss.png ss.png (78.63 KiB) Viewed 3700 times





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    You Reply: Actually I didn't do anything special. One day i turned on the LP and i figure it out that the USB touch is not working. Then i checked on device manager it shows that there is a error with Generic USB hub (Code 43 : Device failed to restart)

    i hope you'll help me to solve this problem

    Thank you.
  • You Reply: Hi!, is there any solution for that problem
  • You Reply: my LP has z8300 processor. first time i succesfully update bios to auto power on bios. then i update bios to v1.1 but after updating to bios v1.1 LP works fine but WiFi and blutooth are not working. Then i tried to update bios to v1.0 again then i got that error
  • You Reply: did manage to solve the problem. i also have the same problem