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  • You Reply: Can you tell me which screen model you use?
  • You Reply: I don't mean that.
    I hope the authorities can give us some advice on how to buy battery packs so that we can use LPA better.
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    ccs_hello wrote: ↑Sun Mar 03, 2019 10:39 pm Some asked me about how Windows 10 reports the battery status (charging level, power left, etc.) when using my experimental 2S Li-Ion battery "without the fuel gauge IC" over that 10-pin connector.
    I retested my configuration and have to report that "it is not accurate nor trustworthy at all".
    Several reasons and the main one is "mine cannot report the current flow thru the battery pack", thus only voltage level (on the LPA side, not the battery pack terminal side) is measured.
    So it depends on the battery quality, battery discharge cycle times (battery age), specific battery's internal design, and the goofy/unpredictability of Windows charging/discharging estimation algorithm, the reported value can vary a lot.

    Yet still an important message to take in: the battery charging circuit (CC then CV) still works. So in a way, the battery pack is doing its things.
    Taping a sheet of paper on Windows' battery status reporting area probably helps more than having a status report at all.
    Yes, I found that neither Macos nor Windows could display battery capacity correctly. Didn't LPA design this?