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  • You Reply: No response from LattePanda yet. I will likely email their technical support a link to this forum.
  • You Reply: It is apparently not that smart then. The NVMe drive IS bootable when I manually select it as a boot override in the bios and the bios see it as a bootable target; it just gives it 2nd priority. It’s when I try to set it as the primary bootloader that the settings don’t stick. Also, the same NVMe was bootable in my original LattePanda Alpha. I believe this is a legitimate bug and I’d like to open a big report. Also, i’d love to see the bios get open sourced.

    PS: it’s the Clover UEFI bootloader from the MacPanda build. It boots fine but I can’t tell the bios to make it the primary boot.
  • You Reply: I second the request for external SMA connectors OR at least the holes in an area that is considerate of optimal placement as well as the needed space for the pigtail connector on the inside of the case. I modified the titan case but the only space for the antennas was on the top middle sides... and there was more tension on the SMA to pigtail connector than I'd like!

    I really like this case design, particularly the consideration for the traditional DC power supply. One other suggestion; can you utilize a screw in locking DC female jack? I would pay extra for the case with matching screw in DC adapter for sure.

    Example: ... B075D52YXF
  • You Reply: Love to see an update on this project.
  • You Reply: Very cool. Have you tested this with the LattePanda? How about the Alpha/Delta?
  • You Reply: What version did you install? Did you make an modifications in the BIOS? Just tried 4.7 and no menus are loading on a clean install... nor the LIVE USB either so must be a graphics driver issue.