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  • You Reply: Wel, I tested the Lattepanda 4G in Linux mint 19.3 (based on Ubuntu) First the install screen size was far to small but changed that to 1920x1080 and install was ok. But I expect some sort of microcode is needed for all USB connected devices. Cause all of them work for a moment and then switched off again. So an Update via the wired LAN is a joke. ,via wifi also. Bluetooth can see a bluetooth device but connecting is a problem.

    But with Lattepanda just only all things that connect to the Intel processor via USB that show the culprit. Sound not yet tested but ok I have a studio headset with a higher resistance. For instance when connected to my smartphone, I get a warning that the high volume is dangerous but heck this is a studio headset not so in ears cheap speakers. It might be that on the latte panda the higher resistance is out if specifications.

    So it might even that Mint update (looks at Ubuntu) can fix a few things but updating is not possible if the connection turns off after 5 seconds.
    Oh wait, I have USB3 to LAN adapters will test those first.