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  • You Reply: Currently working on a handled as well.
    For most things the lattepanda has everything you would need to play, especially on the smaller screens resolutions of handheld.

    In an handled you will need to think about the battery (capacity, shape, ...). I am tracking known to be working batteries in this thread:
    Or you could make your own if you can find a good BMS for it.

    The other point is cooling. Big radiators will make the handled bulky and heavy, big fans will make the power usage go up amd reduce battery life. And don’t forget the optional NVME drive as it is on the back side and thise can get pretty hot as well.

    Note: To improve performance in games, increase the video memory in BIOS.
  • You Reply: The lattepanda has a fairly standard intel GPU (which one eactly depends on the flavor of the lattepanda) so there should not be any issue with openGL/vulkan on windows.

    I have been running on a lattepanda alpha (Intel HD Graphics 615) pretty heavy openGL and vulkan programs on linux without issues out of the box. Windows should be able to do the same.

    For metal, I have never had to deal with it, so I can't give you any pointer.

    Extra note: It is possible to use PCI express GPUs on the lattepanda alpha (maybe others as well) using an adapter in case you need more processing power / different GPU.
  • You Reply: On dfrobot, it is right here: ... 1ad3c1a21b
  • You Reply: I saw your pronect and I am trying to do something similar.

    Did you manage to power and charge the joycons directly from your handeld or do they require another form of charging ?