A 7-inch capacitive touch panel overlay for your LattePanda. With multi-touch recognition, bring a truly interactive experience to your projects. Directly compatible with LattePanda and 7-inch screen.




The LattePanda 7-inch touch panel overlay uses capacitive touch technology and multi-touch to bring you a truly interactive experience. Simply overlay the panel on your LattePanda 7-inch display, power the board, and you will have a high-quality user interface that you can use to create all-in-one, integrated projects. 

Picture reprinted from Hotaman's project 'Lattepanda Dev Station'


  • Capacitive touch technology, supports 5-finger touch inputs 
  • Compatible with official 7-inch LCD display, easy to install 
  • Pre-installed drivers, plug and play


      • Capacitive touch control
      • Transmittanceļ¼š>85%
      • Surface Hardnessļ¼š 6H
      • Response Time: ≤16ms
      • Tapping Durability: 200,000,000 times
      • Supports LattePanda 
      • 10cm FPC Extension Cable
      • Dimensions: 164.0mm x 96.0mm

Please Note: 

      LCD Screen NOT Included


  • 7-inch Capacitive Touch Panel Overlay    x1