eMMC hardware error on LattePanda Alpha

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Sat Jan 05, 2019 7:53 am

OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Boot drive: eMMC 64GB
Board: Latte Panda Alpha 8/64

After booting dmesg, shows me the following message in an almost continual loop.
[ 412.372751] mmc1: Timeout waiting for hardware cmd interrupt.
[ 412.372756] mmc1: sdhci: ============ SDHCI REGISTER DUMP ===========
[ 412.372760] mmc1: sdhci: Sys addr: 0x00000000 | Version: 0x00001002
[ 412.372764] mmc1: sdhci: Blk size: 0x00000000 | Blk cnt: 0x00000000
[ 412.372768] mmc1: sdhci: Argument: 0x00000c00 | Trn mode: 0x00000000
[ 412.372771] mmc1: sdhci: Present: 0x000a0001 | Host ctl: 0x00000001
[ 412.372775] mmc1: sdhci: Power: 0x0000000e | Blk gap: 0x00000080
[ 412.372779] mmc1: sdhci: Wake-up: 0x00000000 | Clock: 0x0000e8c7
[ 412.372782] mmc1: sdhci: Timeout: 0x00000000 | Int stat: 0x00000000
[ 412.372786] mmc1: sdhci: Int enab: 0x00ff0043 | Sig enab: 0x00ff0043
[ 412.372790] mmc1: sdhci: AC12 err: 0x00000000 | Slot int: 0x00000000
[ 412.372793] mmc1: sdhci: Caps: 0x7568c881 | Caps_1: 0x00000807
[ 412.372797] mmc1: sdhci: Cmd: 0x0000341a | Max curr: 0x00000000
[ 412.372801] mmc1: sdhci: Resp[0]: 0x00000000 | Resp[1]: 0x00000000
[ 412.372804] mmc1: sdhci: Resp[2]: 0x00000000 | Resp[3]: 0x00000000
[ 412.372807] mmc1: sdhci: Host ctl2: 0x00000000
[ 412.372811] mmc1: sdhci: ADMA Err: 0x00000000 | ADMA Ptr: 0x0000000000000000
[ 412.372813] mmc1: sdhci: ============================================

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Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:32 pm

Sdhci is your SD card reader. Insert an SD card and your error is gone. I had the same in Debian 9.6.

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Tue May 07, 2019 7:22 pm

Boring wrote:
Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:32 pm
Sdhci is your SD card reader. Insert an SD card and your error is gone. I had the same in Debian 9.6.
But this does not work when you need to replace the sd card. When you pick out the card and the error comes out, then the card reader stop working until you reboot the system.

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