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Wed May 27, 2020 11:05 am

LattePanda wrote:
Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:58 am
Hi @all, many thanks for all ideas.
There are the answers ,hope to let you guys know. ;)

1). Yes, you can install windows 10 on a SSD and activate the OS without troubles.
2). Yes, the streaming cable require the install of drivers, and we will provide the driver.
3). For the 16G RAM, We are planning to release a 16G version in the future, and the M.2 contain the PCI-E ,so you can use both PCI-E and M.2.
4). You can use the PD power bank to power up the Board, and the LiIon or LiPo batteries are still evaluating.
5). The display and touchscreen will be integrated.
6). The 4GLTE M.2 MOD is still evaluating.
7). eGPU can be used via the PCI-E . We are trying some module to convert M.2 M-Key to Thunderbolt 3, Let's waiting.
8). Really a good idea to add M.2 slot to protect the assembly, we will discuss.
9). There will be a screen holder on the titan case, much more better than before, but the details info has not been confirmed. Working on it.

That's all, if have something missing or some answers are not your need, just post here. We will reply ASAP
Thanks again for the support.

Wish you all have a nice holiday. :P
Hi - do you have any "more specific date" about releasing 16G version (like end of year 2020 or something like that ?)

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Tue Jun 23, 2020 8:48 pm

Hi guys,
I have been following the development of the LatetPanda line for a long time, just a week ago I noticed an important update to version V1 with the Intel Z8350 processor installed - up to 1.92 GHz.

This is good news for me because my software platform for developing robotics and automation for embedded OSs has been successfully tested on many motherboards, including tablets with a Z8350 processor. Between 2017 and 2020, several commercial desktop projects were successfully implemented, but I was still looking for a form factor like LattePanda to offer end users all in one. I'm not confused by its cost compared to the Raspberry Pi4B, because what I want to share here is worth it.
Yesterday I placed an order with V1, 2G / 32, and I hope that FedEx will not keep me waiting long.
The development, which took several years, deserves the attention of many developers who want to replace the platforms for hobbies and training with a fully-functional cross-platform tool “BEEPTOOLKIT” for developers.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the kernel acts as an interpreter of a machine language, and you do not need to learn to work with external objects, as well as with the ROS software environment or the family of machine languages ​​for DSP. You also do not need to compile and reload Arduino sketches, all you have to do is enter the instructions for your I / O ports according to your behavioral algorithm through a convenient graphical interface.
At your disposal are 160 bidirectional analog-to-digital user ports, where each port has 16 binary logical output channels and 10 analog digital 12-bit input channels 0–3.3 V, types of voltage / resistance sensors.
If this is not enough, we can easily increase their number by 2 times.
The platform has a convenient USB interface for external communications without being tied to OEM, which allows developers to elegantly solve many problems with connected equipment.

The whole process of entering instructions resembles the PLC programming process, but it is much simpler and more intuitive.
You can familiarize yourself with the project in more detail on the product website (I’ll put a link to the site if the administrator allows me. I don’t want to violate forum rules), there are also publications and videos on this topic.

I hope that successful testing of the platform for compatibility with LattePanda will expand the audience of our customers and can become a new round in the strategic directions of the next generation robotic platforms.
I am interested in discussing the topic and hope for its development.
Comment, ask or leave private messages.

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