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Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:49 am

Impressive art work and concept! First name that comes to mind when you look at this concept is "LattePanda XXX" ;)

However I would see "LattePanda Equilibrium" fit for market. Why? Because it defines a true balance between the product and what it truly delivers - which is powerful at both ends.

Nice work LP team and THANK YOU. Sincerely looking forward

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Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:15 pm

A list:

* First thing would be a BIOS battery of some kind, or just create a batch program that allows the LattePanda Mark II (I vote for this) to get the time off the network always. I eventually made it work but there was a learning curve that most non-techies would get frustrated with.
* Make sure that prototyping board extension you are working on is ready, as it would open the board up to the realm of Pi shields.
* For those of us new to this world, LP branded education kits based on various things like programming, robotics(!) and motor controllers, and internet of things integration.
* A kit for using the device as a tablet. Yes, there are 3D printed options, but an official one would be nice.

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Tue Nov 07, 2017 5:07 pm

I mostly use my LattePanda as a portable desktop computer for when I do my monthly trips to California.
I could drag one of my three laptops with me, but I really enjoy cool little computers. :p
If the new LattePanda comes with its own case that would be cool, but being able to access different ports or features directly on the motherboard is always great.
I never did find out if anyone was able to overclock any of the CPU's used so far by the LattePanda's so far?
Besides overclocking the CPU for self gratification, I can imagine that someone would find it useful to underclock the CPU for lower power usage and heat.
Will the CPU be on the top or bottom of the system board?
Will the new LattePanda still use 5volt 3-4 amps USB for power?
Normally I prefer a regular AC adapter than USB, like the newer generations of Odroid have dropped USB and use AC adapter instead.
But, I found a fairly pricey 24,000 mAh USB power bank that can provide 5v 3ams and can run my LattePanda quite well.
I often run my LattePanda off of battery now along with a USB powered LCD monitor, so portability is a pretty big feature for me.
Will there be anyway to directly connect a battery pack to the LattePanda? So that the LattePanda can report the battery levels to OS like a laptop or a phone can? I've only seen a few small computers like the Raspberry Pi offer this.
The last feature for me is Linux, I really really like OpenSuSE Linux, I run Linux two out of three of my Laptops, and I'm trying my hardest to move away from Windows.
Oya will the new LattePanda offer a 8GB memory option? If I remember correctly the Intel processors in this class top out at 8GB with the newer generations offering DDR4.
Anyways there is Alot of options out there for products similar to the LattePanda!
So far I'm happy with mine!
I look forward to the next generation of LattePanda!

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Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:00 am

Keep the suggestions up!
We have definitely heard the overheating problems have addressed them accordingly.
e.g. The MarkII series will ship with a passive heatsink installed which will also be compatible with a cooling fan.
The fan can also be controlled in the BIOS with regards to its speed and time, so its customizable.

Let us know more!
Enjoy Tinkering with LattePanda ! :lol:

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Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:18 am

LattePanda wrote:
Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:00 am
Keep the suggestions up!
We have definitely heard the overheating problems have addressed them accordingly.
e.g. The MarkII series will ship with a passive heatsink installed which will also be compatible with a cooling fan.
The fan can also be controlled in the BIOS with regards to its speed and time, so its customizable.

Let us know more!
Awesome! I always prefer performance over noise control, but I know that some people prefer having a quiet computer.
Will there be any other new bios features or options? Like emmc raid? (j/k) :p

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Tue Nov 14, 2017 7:13 am

We have integrated M.2 interfaces, which means PCIe 3.0 @ 4GB/s ultra-high speed communication. M.2 interface is of ultra-small size, which includes PCIE, SATA, UART, I2C and other communications capabilities. I'll leave it up to you guys to imagine what all you can do with a M.2! :D
Enjoy Tinkering with LattePanda ! :lol:

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Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:52 am

My suggestion for naming the new LattePanda generations:

LattePanda 240 - For a mid-range version of second generation (like 4GB of RAM)
LattePanda 280 - For a high-range version of second generation (like 8GB of RAM)

If you upgrade those versions to make it more powerful, like CPU upgrade, you can call it Pro or Ultra (LattePanda 240 Pro/Ultra - LattePanda 280 Pro/Ultra)

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Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:03 pm

Hi LattePanda team and fans,

I've had 2x 4G32 Z8300 units for a while now. One runs Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and the other the stock Windows 10 Home install.

With exception to the wifi chip dying on the Windows one, everything has been fine :D

Despite loving this little powerhouse, there are a number of improvements that can be made, one particular bugbear of mine is the placement of the ports. I've re-purposed 2 metal (one Aluminium, one mild steel) cases now for "industrial" placement (well, my garage) and the number one issue I've always had is the placement of the RJ45 Ethernet port. If the ports were on one side alone, fabricating a case would be far easier.

Here are a list of improvements I'd recommend that would make the product a lot more desirable for system integrators and hardware hackers like myself;

Switch to the Pico-ITX format
The LattePanda board layout is already VERY close to this (88 x 70mm for the LP vs 100mm x 72mm for Pico-ITX), it makes sense to swap to this layout because it would provide the following benefits;

* A standardized layout making case design and integration easier
* All PC relevant ports would be on one (long) side making connectivity simpler
* This would push all Arduino-related ports to the other side of the board, meaning solutions using Arduino could benefit from being inside the case
* More ports can be fit on the back ;)
* Better industry acceptance, that means bigger communities and better support, plus more money for the LattePanda team and that means even more product improvements that benefit the hobbyist users like myself :)
* You can easily get Double-DIN Pico-ITX cases :)

Add a MiniPCIe or M.2 slot
There are an infinite number of expansions to be had with these;

How about a 4 port SATA adapter? Turn LP mk2. into a home NAS.
How about a 4G LTE modem with GPS and send it on a drone / into space?
How about a riser card to use a full sized PCIe card?

Providing you had a good power supply from an external source, you could add a dedicated GPU (1080 Ti? haha) to the LattePanda and turn it into a gaming platform or use CUDA for really cool things such as realtime 4K OpenCV computer vision.

Be careful that the M.2 interface you add is keyed properly, you say it'll support PCIe 4x, UART and I2C, but according to Wikipedia these are mutually exclusive and your port can only support either PCIe 4x or PCIe 2x + UART + I2C. Not both in the same port.

If it was just for SATA, it would be almost uesless, the onboard eMMC is still fairly good :)

Upgrade to 8GB RAM and Gigabit Ethernet
It goes without saying, LP is pretty good but RAM and Gigabit ethernet can be limiting factors. I've never found the processor a limiting factor, but when trying to copy large files or use more than a few tabs in Google Chrome, the unit starts to page swap and this causes it to run slower.

Add another USB 3.0 port
Having to buy an external USB 3.0 hub shouldn't be required if you wanted to plug more than one USB 3.0 capable device in. What if you're using the LP to copy files between USB 3.0 hard disks for example? :)

Add a barrel jack for power with an on-board regulator
What would be awesome would be the ability to power the LP mk2. from a wide input voltage (recommend 11v to 30v), as this would make car / truck / industrial integration easier. It also means we can supply our own power supply easier.

Add 4 pin fan support
This could be used in conjunction with the above barrel jack mod, if we could get 12V to a fan with a PWM output for speed control, we could add a good heatsink and remove the thermal throttling completely, meaning an even faster LP mk2.

Currently I power a 12V 40mm case fan from one of the 5V headers, this works fine and the fan just blows enough air, but if it ever overheated there's no fighting it. Just have to live with thermal throttling or worse (I think this is what killed my wifi chip).

As for the name? You have to be careful to choose a name that is future-proof. In 2-3 years time, will you have a mk3. LattePanda? You have to factor that in now! :)

Suggestions for mk2. and future revision boards;

* EspressoPanda (implies getting something strong, fast)
* GrandePanda (a big boy LattePanda)
* VentiPanda (a cut-down LattePanda)
* MochaPanda (a LattePanda with a different flavour / twist?)

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Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:36 pm

my proposal for the MarkII commercial names :
reason first : 'latte' originates from italian 'caffè latte', continuing in the latin/italian words and coffee universe i propose:

LattePanda Forte (Strong in italian) - for version Pro
LattePanda Intenso (intense in italian) - for version Ultra

Both wordings suggests the power/strength of something, initially of the cofee beverages but can also apply to our beloved LP.
Also if in the future new versions appeared (lighter or stronger versions) it would be easy to invent new names in the same wording universe.

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Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:26 pm

LattePanda Carbon - LattePanda Hydrogen - LattePanda Onyx - LattePanda Maelstrom - LattePanda Calypso - LattePanda Eclipse - LattePanda Omega - LattePanda Seraph - LattePanda Phenom - LattePanda Excelsior - LattePanda Nimbus : Reasons include possible advancement on theme of names in future releases, Carbon predes diamond, Hydrogen precedes a wide variety of possible names etc. If not these names perhaps an advancement on that idea. Calypso could be Rhamba, Samba, Tango, etc Eclipse could be planetary names, Maelstrom could be other storm names, Omega is not bad but requires other Greek names than numbers i.e. Pantheon, etc. Onyx might just as easily be Hematite, Beryl, etc Phenom could be Maestro, Excelsior could be prior to Explorer names. Nimbus > Stratus :D

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