LattePanda SBC is Being Used for Research

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An incredible resurgence in scientific research can only be possible with the right technology and equipment to assist in such research, and the LattePanda single board computer does not disappoint! It has now been featured in at least three academic studies that have particularly focused on implementing the LattePanda into different fields of science by means of incorporating a particular technological project which uses the LattePanda.


Surgical Room SmartSpeaker

In one study, the LattePanda helped researchers in Korea improve the surgical room environment by converting the LattePanda into a strictly medical-use smartspeaker, complete with voice recognition and specified tasks to help surgeons ensure that they perform surgical procedures correctly.

Electroencephalography Research Computer

In the second study featured in this article, the LattePanda SBC has helped brain scientists conduct electroencephalography research. Using the LattePanda’s light weight and portable nature, scientists were able to obtain electrical brain data results no matter where the test subjects traveled to.

Server Room Control Center

Finally, our third featured study shows how the LattePanda can be incorporated into your server room–both as your headless servers and as a control center for all of your sensor peripherals to ensure that the environment of your server room is suitable for all of your headless servers! This study specifically focused on the LattePanda’s ability to interface with multiple sensors which can retrieve humidity and temperature data and alert company leaders when such environment data exceed required operating conditions.

We also see a future where the LattePanda SBC will become your smart device for your high-tech needs, your portable for your laboratory experiments, and your trusted device both for your company’s set of headless servers and the sensing equipment that ensures that all servers run smoothly. Who knows what other fields of scientific discovery will require the technological assistance of a LattePanda SBC?



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