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So far, we have discovered that the LattePanda has become incorporated into many different fields and subfields given its small size, powerful processing speeds, and high versatility and adaptability. Given this, a full evaluation of the ability and aptitude of the LattePanda SBC’s cannot be complete without some review on how these SBC’s perform while running emulators. From video games to operating systems, there are a variety of emulators which are vital to contributing to the ultimate user experience. Amidst certain pressures to construct operating systems instead of emulators to alleviate the strain that emulators may place on computers, emulators are here to stay for those computers which are built to muscle through the demanding and cpu-intensive operations. Given this present situation, we have gone ahead and compiled a list of emulators which have been proven to function just fine on the LattePanda SBC’s, especially the AlphaPanda.


Expect to see updates as we test emulators for handheld gaming systems on the LattePanda SBC’s and find other emulators to test and evaluate on our powerful mini computers!




There are many gaming emulators on the market which either look to revive old games whose gaming consoles are no longer supported and too difficult to find anymore or to provide the avid gamer a means to delve into the realms of game storage swapping and testing the current groundwork for allowing one gaming-system-for-all gaming setup. One emulator frontend software that seems to recognize the desires of both types of avid gamers is LaunchBox, aka BigBox. This software gives gamers an old-school style format to browse game collections just as if they were choosing games on an arcade-style gaming system. However, this software won’t give you the complete ultimate gaming experience on your LattePanda without the proper emulators to run the games after selecting them. Here is our list of gaming emulators that have performed beautifully on the AlphaPanda and provided an average 55-60fps for just about all games tested.

Dolphin emulator for the Nintendo GameCube
PCSX2 emulator for the Sony PS2
PPSSPP emulator for the Sony PSP
Redream emulator for the Sega Dreamcast
Reicast emulator and its Retroarch core for the Naomi and Atomiswave

Also, for those gamers who are also Linux lovers, RetroPie and Batocera can also work just fine on Linux distribution operating systems running on the LattePanda SBC’s.

These are some of the most demanding emulators on most computers’ cpu, video and audio cards, and even RAM, so the fact that the AlphaPanda pulls through testifies to its extraordinary power that it supplies to the user.

Linux Distributions

What can you do if you want both a Linux operating system and a Windows operating system on your computer? LattePanda has already proven that it is capable of double-booting these two operating systems, but some users may desire something even a bit lighter. Introducing WSL (Windows Subsystems for Linux) an emulator for Windows computers which can run Linux operations locally in the subsystems emulator. This allows a veritable portal to open for use of Linux distributions without having to leave your powerful Windows operating system on your LattePanda. This is immensely helpful to many users and the projects that they are looking to make which requires implementations of both Windows and Linux operating systems working in tandem. For more information on how some users have incorporated it into their LattePanda projects, please click on the link at the end of this article.

Android Apps

Finally, there is a viable way to utilize your Android apps on the go when only your computer is available and working! BlueStacks, one of many emulators which run Android apps on your computer, is one of the best of its kind. It requires a lot of your cpu and ram in order to run these apps successfully on your computer. However, if you encounter any probelms running the software and any downloaded apps on your LattePanda SBC, then you may have to alter some of the settings in order to enhance your user experience. A number of solutions to how to fix these types of problems can be found on BlueStacks’ official site.

Make sure to find what you need and keep making!



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