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It’s time for another compilation of great projects, with all of the best projects which utilize a LattePanda SBC all on one blog post for your perusal.
Explore our list below and consider which one suits your project the most!



AVA – The Home Companion Robot

AVA is a wonderfully cute home companion robot that uses both IoT functions and neural networking algorithms to exhibit human-like intelligence: both in the form of a high IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient). Ava utilizes many tools and porgrams to achieve this incredible artificial intelligence, and, to quote Martin in his own article about his creation, “she uses natural language processing, several databases [with] millions of memories, and hundreds of software agents.” In Martin’s past updates on his project, he has worked to implement generic neural net engines, generic business rule engines, and generic calculation engines, among others, on a LattePanda single board computer “brain,” along with a web server, MSMQ queue, and speech-to-text remote. All of these come together to make a truly versatile, skilled, and intelligent robot!

CAPS Twenty.One Project

For any audiophiles out there, this is a Computer Audiophile Pocket Server (CAPS) project, which incorporates an AlphaPanda as the main server and another PC as the endpoint. The exterior is a nice, sleek design featuring an old-school design for the guages which track the CPU’s statistics in real time, and all of this houses the AlphaPanda and other computer components that can optimize the efficiency of the AlphaPanda in its goal to become your sole music server, working in tandem with other audio equipment to make a wonderful sound studio for your home or entertainment theater!

Solar-Powered LattePanda

Follow YouTuber Basically Homeless’s guidance if you want to make really awesome projects with your LattePanda single board computer! The latest that he was able to create is a solar-powered LattePanda. Like many of his own creations, he researched the proper voltage, amperage, and wattage in order to run the LattePanda and configured all necessary parts and wires to attempt to run his whole setup off of the power of the sun. He succeeeded, and comically faced his one true enemy in the face of making this project work — clouds.

Make sure to find what you need and keep making!



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