Fall Festivities

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All of us working here as part of the LattePanda team want to prepare for the fall holidays, even if we may have to do so online. We hope to stay connected with all of you as we share some of the projects that we have been working on using the LattePanda, and encourage all of you to show what you have made, as well!



Halloween Project

Our latest project that we have been working on for Halloween is a candy machine, which dispenses candy only when you make a certain pose. How can we make it? Well, using LattePanda’s special object-recognition capabilities, of course! The LattePanda was our go-to choice for hardware when we considered making this project, because ability to recognize poses would require a robust. fast, and capable processor that can run AI programs to accurately and efficiently determine which pose is made after training it with a limited data set. From there, we plan to use the GPIO pins of the LattePanda to control servos that will dispense the candy once the proper pose is recognized.


While the project is not complete yet, we plan to perfect it right before Halloween and share pictures and videos of it with all of you. If we have time, we may even get a jack-o’-lantern and make it have steam coming out of its eyes and mouth. The possibilites are endless!



While waiting for us to complete our little side project, please don’t forget to check out DFRobot’s Maker Carnival, which has already started! Many people are sharing their wonderful ideas with the world during this online event, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from others!


Make sure to find what you need and keep making!