How to choose between 16GB RAM version and 32GB RAM LattePanda Sigma?

Selection Guide

Many users have been asking about the performance and value of the LattePanda Sigma 16GB RAM version with a speed of 6400MHz compared to the 32GB RAM version with a speed of 6000MHz. Let's break it down.


In terms of data transfer rate, the LPDDR5 6400 version theoretically offers about 6.7% faster bandwidth performance than the LPDDR5 6000 version. While the 16GB version boasts a slightly higher speed, in practical usage, this performance difference is nearly imperceptible.


In terms of capacity, the LPDDR5 6400 version has 16GB, while the LPDDR5 6000 version has 32GB. If your application or tasks require more than 16GB of memory space, the performance of the LPDDR5 6000 32GB version will be significantly better. The 16GB version may experience performance degradation due to frequent data swapping with storage devices like SSD or HDD.


So, the choice between the versions primarily depends on your actual needs. If your project or application doesn't require such a large memory capacity of 32GB, then the 16GB version is sufficient and more cost-effective. However, if you need high-capacity memory for demanding applications, prioritize the 32GB version. Please make your purchase decision based on your specific requirements.