EVENT - Show LattePanda on social media to win SN850X 2T SSD, display, case, etc.




1. Post photos or videos showcasing your LattePanda project or application on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit.


2. Add a project intro and use #ShowLattePanda. Tag LattePanda’s official account to ensure your entry is seen (FB: LattePandacn; TW: LattePandaCN; INS: lattepanda_cn; For Reddit, you can add “Show LattePanda” in the subject or send the post link to


3. Amplify your reach:)



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1. Popularity Prize (1 Winner): 2TB WD_BLACK SSD + LattePanda souvenir pack

(The entry that sparks the most shares, likes, and comments.)


2. First Prize (1 Winner): The latest 11.6'' eDP Touch Display + LattePanda Souvenir Pack

 (The dispaly is compatible with LattePanda 3 Delta and Sigma)


3. Second Prize (2 Winners): LattePanda Case of Choice + LattePanda Souvenir Pack


4. Third Prize (10 Winners): $20 Amazon/DFRobot Vouchers





Event Time: Dec 19, 2023 - Feb 19, 2024

Prize Announcement: Feb 29, 2024



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*The first, second, and third prizes are determined by the LattePanda team, taking into account factors such as:


   File:Star icon stylized.svg - Wikimedia Commons The project's completeness (including the construction process, components or accessories used, and the project's overall effectiveness; as a general rule, projects that are more comprehensive have a higher likelihood of receiving our awards);

   File:Star icon stylized.svg - Wikimedia Commons Creativity (projects with innovative content or an interesting development process);

   File:Star icon stylized.svg - Wikimedia Commons Difficulty (projects that are relatively complex or challenging; showcasing your professional skills within the project will also earn bonus points);

   File:Star icon stylized.svg - Wikimedia Commons As well as the quality and popularity of the project post.