My LattePanda Journey: A Tale of Custom Case Design


As an enthusiast in Windows Operating Systems development and system integration, I have been on a fascinating journey with LattePanda single board computer. My first encounter with LattePanda products was quite some time ago, and since then, I've used various versions for different projects, ranging from digital displays and security systems to multimedia jukeboxes. This article will introduce my LattePanda projects and my custom case for them. 


I am currently evaluating the Sigma for NAS and mixed media playback scenarios. The 32GB memory in Sigma opens up realistic virtual machine and container-like scenarios.


DIY LattePanda Sigma Case


The journey with LattePanda also led me to design custom cases. The market alternatives were slow, and I needed something basic to protect the PCB/fan and hold an HDD during testing and development. The case design was based on the specific needs of each end-use case scenario or product.


Learn more about my custom case design for LattePanda.

Custom case designed for LattePanda Sigma