LattePanda 3 Delta Faster than Ever Still Pocket-sized A Pocket-sized Hackable Computer for Mega Creativity background background background background background
Faster than Ever

Intel N5105 - the Intel 11th Gen

Mobile Processor

Burst Frequency: 2.9GHz

2X Faster CPU Performance 793 LattePanda 3 Delta 370

Previous LattePanda Delta

3X Faster GPU Performance 4551 LattePanda 3 Delta 1530

Previous LattePanda Delta

Faster than Ever 2X Faster CPU Performance 3X Faster GPU Performance
Benchmark 928

ASUS ExpertBook P2451

793 LattePanda 3 Delta 370

Previous LattePanda Delta


Acer A114-32-C3N0

50% Larger Cooling Area

New Cooling Fan

Better Cooling Sustains Best Performance

50% Larger Cooling Area background 8GB MEMORY 2933MHZ LPDDR4 background WI-FI 6 Up to 2.4Gb/s Throughput background USB 3.2 GEN2 X1 Up to 10Gb/s Data Transfer background
background background background
Touch Display Support
DP 1.4 in Type-C
4K Enabled
3-Way Video Output
Enhanced Viewing Experience Extensive Display Support Dual 4K Enabled Touch Display Support 3-Way Video Output
Auto Power-on Turn on automatically when power on. line
Watchdog Timer Watchdog will help system reboot when no responding or crash.
Pick the OS You Love Support Windows & Linux LattePanda 3 Delta supports both Windows 10 and Linux OS. Moreover, Windows 11 can also be run on it.
LattePanda 3 Delta Control and Sense the Physical World Control hardware via Python, never be so easy!
Compatible with 200+ Sensors and Actuators Support Industry Standard Communication Protocol, like RS232, RS485, etc. product product
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True Hackability and Rich Playability Up to 42 Expandable Interfaces product product product product
Specification ComponentsLattePanda 3 Delta *Available on Arduino Pin Header

LattePanda 3 Delta is a small x86 Windows single board computer (SBC), featuring Intel 11th generation mobile quad-core quad-thread processor N5105 with up to 2.9GHz burst frequency. Compared to its previous generation, the CPU speeds up to 2x faster, and the GPU (Intel UHD Graphics) speeds up to 3x faster. With so excellent performance, you can use it to watch 4K HDR videos smoothly and even play some heavy games.

This single board computer uses 2933MHz high-frequency LPDDR4 RAM — up to 8GB - for a super-fast, smooth performance. The storage is also doubled — up to 64GB — for more software and data can be installed without any external storage.

LattePanda 3 Delta uses Wi-Fi 6 whose transfer speed is 2.7 times faster than Wi-Fi 5. It is also equipped with a USB 3.2 gen2 x1 port that has an ultra-high bandwidth, a Gigabit Ethernet port, and M.2 B Key instead of M.2 E Key which can connect to 4G or 5G module. It has 2-channel audio output with 2W amplifier, so you can directly connect two speakers to hear the wonderful sound. Other main interfaces include HDMI, Type-C, Arduino pin, digital I/O, COM port (which supports RS232), etc.

LattePanda Sigma supports dual 4K HDR and up to 3-way video output at the same time. Interactive touch display is also compatible.

LattePanda 3 Delta can operate both Windows 10 / Windows 11 and Linux OS.

The cooling fan of LattePanda 3 Delta has been redesigned, featuring 50% larger cooling area. The high cooling capacity ensures the best performance all the time (10W TDP). It is really a single board computer with low power consumption.

LattePanda 3 Delta single board computer can be applied to various industries, like robotics, smart factory, home automation, education, smart device, AI, edge computing, interactive art, etc.