LattePanda V1 - The Smallest x86 Windows Single Board Computer

LattePanda V1 - The smallest intel atom x86 windows Single Board Computer (SBC)


LattePanda v1 is the smallest x86 single board computer in the world which can execute the complete Windows operation system. 


Since launched, LattePanda V1 has evolved into a highly sophisticated product, widely acknowledged and utilized by numerous users. Moreover, owing to its diminutive form factor, low power consumption, multiple interfaces, and robust expandability, the LattePanda V1 has been extensively applied across various industrial domains, including portable instruments, smart gateways, image recognition, robotics, the Internet of Things, automated retail, and so forth.


Powerful, but Compact


Intel Atom x5-z8350 - LattePanda V1 CPU


LattePanda V1 features Intel Atom® x5-Z8350 processor which is based on x86 architecture. x86 single board computers usually have higher processing performance than ARM-based ones.


LattePanda V1 RAM and Storage


The LattePanda V1 is available in various RAM and storage configurations, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your individual needs.


LattePanda V1 - The smallest x86 Windows single board computer (SBC)


Due to its small size, the LattePanda V1 single board computer can be embedded in very tight spaces. This is very important for projects with high space requirements or for the upgrading of the existing system.


Support Windows & Linux


LattePanda V1 - Wwindows & Linux single board computer (SBC)


Since LattePanda V1 is x86-based, it can support full Windows OS, and Linux as well. Windows has a perfect peripheral driver, software compatibility and development ecosystem, making it the most suitable to develop GUI applications, while Linux is better for microservice applications. 


Low Power Consumption & Fanless Design


LattePanda V1 - fanless single board comuputer (SBC) with low power consumption


The power consumption of LattePanda v1 is remarkably low with only 2W TDP, requiring 5V/2A to operate. Consequently, the generated heat is minimal, allowing for extended fanless operation. LattePanda V1 has an exclusive aluminum heatsink case. The users can choose it for passive cooling. 


This feature also ensures near-silent performance during use. Low power consumption positively impacts the board's lifespan and durability by reducing heat generation, which in turn diminishes component wear over time. High durability is crucial for numerous applications, particularly in industrial settings.


High Expandability


LattePandaV1 has a range of interfaces and is highly expandable, allowing it to be customized to meet the specific needs.


LattePanda V1 single board computer (SBC) interfaces


In addition to the connectivity options, including USB, HDMI, and Ethernet ports, LattePanda V1 also has GPIO pins which can be used to connect external sensors and actuators. By using additional hardware components, the GPIO can also support industry-standard communication protocols like RS232 or RS485.


LattePanda V1 - the smallest industrial single board computer (SBC)


Part of Applications


Applications of LattePanda V1 single board computer (SBC)


Highlights of LattePanda V1


Highlight: LattePanda V1 - The smallest x86 Windows single board computer (SBC)


LattePanda V1 - The Best Raspberry Pi Alternative!


LattePanda V1 single board computer (SBC)- The Best Raspberry Pi Alternative!


Part of Accessories


The accessories for LattePanda V1 have undergone extensive testing by the team, ensuring perfect compatibility with LattePanda V1. These accessories will help users efficiently build their projects.


LattePanda accessory - aluminum heatsink case for LattePanda V1  LattePanda accessory - aluminum alloy case for LattePanda V1  LattePanda accessory - 7" 1024 x 600 IPS display for LattePanda V1  LattePanda accessory - 7" capacitive touch panel overlay for LattePanda V1


LattePanda accessory - 5MP UVC Camera  LattePanda accessory - RS232 connector expansion shield  LattePanda accessory - RS485 connector expansion shield  LattePanda accessory - 64GB USB3.0 Flash Drive


Customization Service


LattePanda offers a selection of standard product models to meet the most common application needs of our target market. For those customers who need different features, LattePanda offers customization services. LattePanda provides our customers with a variety of industrial specific product configurations and custom designs to suit customers’ specific applications. 


For the customization requirement, CLICK HERE.