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LattePanda Mu - x86 compute module Free Trial


We are thrilled to announce the LattePanda Mu Free Trial Event. Aimed at rallying the brightest hardware engineers, developers, and tech enthusiasts, this event seeks to collect a variety of application cases for the LattePanda Mu. Our goal is to create an inspiring platform where users can benefit from each other's creativity and expertise.


We invite you to make your own carrier board that fits your unique solution using LattePanda Mu - a compute module with excellent performance and high scalability. This is not just an event, but an opportunity for you to showcase your skills and contribute to the LattePanda user community.


What do we provide?

🎉For this event, we are delighted to offer 20 selected participants with a free trial of the LattePanda Mu Lite Kit (including 1 LattePanda Mu, 1 Lite Carrier Board, 1 Active Cooler) worth $190!


How to apply? 

Please click the following link and complete the questionnaire for applying:

After receiving the application, the LattePanda team will evaluate the information you provide and finally select 20 participants who can get the free trial. 


What is expected from you?

The selected 20 participants are required to submit your open-source projects using LattePanda Mu. After the project is completed, please share it on the LattePanda Forum with a project overview, BOM list, schematic diagram, PCB (hyperlinked to Github), photos, and optionally a video.


The event will run as follows:

1. Application Phase: May 21st - June 10th

2. Evaluation Phase: June 11th - 18th

3. Winners Announcement: June 19th

4. Project Submission Deadline: September 30th 


❗️ Please note:

1. After the winners are announced (on this event page), the LattePanda team will contact them via email to collect the shipment info and then dispatch the products. 

2. By participating in this event, you agree to make your project open source.

3. For any technical issue, you can join our Discord server and contact the moderator. Alternatively, you can reach out to our tech team:


We look forward to your participation and can't wait to see your innovative projects!


The first batch of winners (We will contact you soon for the shipping information):











For the remaining winners, we found some participants who have cool ideas, but we need more information for our evaluation. We will send you an email. Please reply to us ASAP after you receive our email.