Windows 10 driver pack

userHead sandman01 2016-04-28 22:42:42 5543 Views2 Replies
Hi all!

did some of you already extract a Windows 10 driver package to be used on standard Windows 10 installations?

I got my LP 2 Weeks ago and played a bit around, while I test different things like ubuntu flavours.
After a while I decided to clean the whole eMMC to get rid of all pre-installed stuff and start from scratch.

Good to see that a Windows 10 image can already by downloaded. (Fall-Back)
I installed a clean Windows 10 image in my preferred language, installed all updates and also insider builds (fast-ring) to see if it is working
After that I tried to connect my LP via WiFi and found that the Device drivers are broken on original Windows 10
In Devicemanager I got an " ! " could not be started
also many entries about unknown devices without drivers are listened.

So it would be great if some of the user can generate a driver pack out of the original installation for all of us to be downloadable.

I know I can generate one by myselfe, however it would safe me a lot of time if someone could support all of us by creating one with e.g. DoubleDriver ore a similar software (PowerShell,...)