Can install Plex on mine.

userHead Raymond Day 2016-05-04 11:57:09 5756 Views2 Replies
Plex is a neat media server and I have a lot of videos on my LP and I install a Linux server on it.

But on some videos when playing Plex will say server not powerful enough on some 1080 videos. But on some others I guess in MP4 it don't hardly have to convert wile playing and can play them.

So the LP is not powerful enough for some videos.

I got my LP on solar power and it works good with that.

Order the new Intel stick that cost about $500 and I think it will not say not powerful enough and I can still use it on solar power when it comes out soon.

Installed it with commands like this:
git clone
cd plexupdate/
dpkg -i plexmediaserver_0.
Have to make a log in at there web page then.

I can to to it's media manager then like this:

That's what LAN IP my LP has.

-Raymond Day