Error 1392 and Windows Not Loading 4GB/64GB

userHead keith_k 2016-05-11 18:31:02 5825 Views4 Replies
I received two of the DFR0419 boards and both failed to boot to Windows. I left one plugged in for about two hours and all that ever occurred after powering up was the blue Waiting screen before Windows 10 should load.

After the same thing occurred on the second board, I proceeded to follow the solution notes under Questions and Answers on the Docs page of this site and re-image the board. When trying to do that, all goes good with reading and writing from the USB drive until about 40%. That is when the attached screenshot showing Error: 1392 occurs after three attempts.

Please give me any advice or help to try and figure out how to get both of these boards to boot to Windows. I also have two DFR0418, but I have not tried booting either of those yet.

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