Charger NOT EQUAL with Power Suppy

userHead LuckyDime 2016-05-11 20:25:48 11129 Views14 Replies
All, who have problems with stopping/restarting LP should think over, that a smart phone charger communicate with the charged device. They act like a 'smart' device too.
They have a charging characteristic with three period:

- bulk charging: maximum voltage/current for charging the battery till 70-80% of its capacity (also known as fast charging).
- absorption charge: optimised fix voltage / decreasing current for charging the battery till 98% of its capacity.
- float charging till 100% of capacity and for regenerate the battery.

Different battery capacity require different charging characteristics, despite there are 'universal' chargers, stongly suggested to use its own charger.

LP is like a PC, its need a "stupid" power supply providing max. 2A.
My guessing is that smart phone/tablet chargers can't handle the dynamic power hungers, and that's why - despite they are quality chargers - can't handle the situations.