Windows 10 64bit Drivers

userHead marchino976 2016-05-15 23:28:07 25562 Views31 Replies
Hi Guys!
Mi Lattepanda Enhanced just arrived me two days ago... Ok, nice gadget, but i've been passing these two days trying to make it work "as it should" (I am a "maniac" of technology and own an Intel Nuc dc3217iye, Apple Macbook Pro Retina, an Asus Chromebit pc stick and a Raspberry pi... so i couldn't miss to buy a Lattepanda!).
Due to continuos problems of restart, crashes, update freezing and whatever... i decided to wipe it all away and re-install a clean Windows 10 that i've got on dvd.
Win 10 re-installed successfully, but... damn! The drivers!!!!
I couldn't even make a backup of the previous win10 installation drivers, cause it didn't boot anymore.... honestly i thought that win10 would have recognized all the stuff on the board but... no audio, no wifi, no bluetooth, no card reader... so i'm in -big- trouble.
At this point i ask to someone of you, if you'd ever be so kind, to make a driver backup with Double Driver, and if possible, to gather them with me (and... surely some other LP owner that will have the same trouble) on Google Drive, or using "Wetransfer", or any other system...
What can I say... i would thank who could help me and... wish you a good Sunday!

Marco (From, Modena, Italy)