Lattepanda (4g/64gb Windows) problems wifi

userHead ivy2_s 2016-05-20 17:29:56 4349 Views4 Replies
I lattepanda sponsor project (pre-installed model with 4G RAM, 64GB eMMC and 64-bit Windows 10) .
Less than a week that I received lattepanda and already in the first put into operation, after following all instructions and updates windows, the wifi does not work properly, it does not detect any wireless network (of course the antenna placed properly and placed lattepanda less than a foot from the router).
all the times I've tried only twice has worked and only for a few minutes.
They may be integration problems with Windows? can be hardware problems? perhaps this unit on time .....
I was happy with my first contribution to a project crowfunding but the truth is that I am now concerned about the solution to this problem.

I am looking forward to your response. Thank you !!