LattePanda: first impresion

userHead kamesenin 2016-05-21 19:23:55 4472 Views3 Replies
Let's share our first impressions so next iteration of LP can be better.
I got my LattePanda two days ago and I was able to set it up today. First of all it's way easier than Raspberry - yeah I know windows vs. linux. After installing basic apps everything worked without a problem - no driver/app issue. Kudos. However after good impression of web browsing I have encounter first problem (I know that I am not the only one). Every flash player was heating cpu like hell, except Youtube player, and with ~80'C system is super laggy - funny thing is that Kodi works without problem. So I had to do costume fan (MacGyver way) with old pc fan and usb cabel - hint: just strip red and black cables and merge them (be aware that You will not have control over fan speed). Now hd stream on full screen heat cpu to round about 65'C . With my temporary custom solution device works flawless. So I am asking myself: wtf ? Why there is no official solution for this problem? Having small fan which could be connected easily to PWM would be super cheap an efficient. I hope staff will read that and do something about it.