[RESOLVED] LattePanda windows 10 just a moment screen

userHead cineas 2016-05-29 09:07:30 4403 Views5 Replies

How to re-install LattePanda Windows system?

Device required: Only a USB flash drive. at least 8 Gig needed 
Please follow the simple steps below to re-install your Windows 10.

Format your U-disk to FAT32 and named it as "WINPE"

Unzip image.zip to root of USB flash disk (Download the official image from here https://www.lattepanda.com/docs/):
Make sure you unzip the content of image_x64 to the root folder of the USB-Drive

Plug the U-disk in USB host 

Power on LattePanda

System will install the image automatically. Just wait until the recovery finished.

et voila.