LP won't start, seems a BIOS problem

userHead mabrodeur 2016-05-31 01:41:51 4039 Views5 Replies
We bought 5 LattePandas 2G/32G and we have problems with 2 of them.
After first boot, everything went well. Setup windows worked fine and we could get to the desktop.
After that, we tried to reboot and now the LP just won't start. The blue light is blinking ~5sec, red light turns on but stays on and won't go out. No display at all. Even if we press the power button, nothing. Reset button, nothing. We use a good cable and good psu and they work just fine with the other LPs.

Also, if we plug a USB device with the image to flash the device, the USB device's light turns on but doesn't flash. It just seems stuck...

Can it be a BIOS problem? Can't we flash the bios with a jumper or something? We can't get to boot the USB and there is no documentation about this...

Thank you