UWP Firmata example not working

userHead pszmyd 2016-06-05 21:10:11 41065 Views47 Replies

Hey guys,

Has anyone successfully ran the Windows Remote Arduino thing (https://docs.lattepanda.com/content/1st_edition/vs_programming/)?
Haven't seen any complaints about it on formus yet but somehow I'm not able to make it to work.

The only difference in my setup is that I use remote deployment from Visual Studio 2015 from my regular dev machine (LP is on my local network). Full VS is too much for the LP to handle so I went the remote deployment/debugging way (which I've done for years). App gets deployed and ran on LP smoothly with full remote debugging et al.

I hooked up the

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RemoteDevice.ConnectionFailed event to know what's wrong, and it's constantly failing with:

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UsbSerial::connectToDeviceAsync failed with a Platform::Exception type. (message: Catastrophic failure Unable to initialize the device. Did you forget your USB device capabilities in the manifest? SerialDevice::FromIdAsync returned null.) Well, that's wrong, as I have DeviceCapabilites set exactly as the LP docs (and MSDN) say. Maybe there is something missing? Not sure if some additional USB device capabilities are required for the Serial-to-USB connection?