Possibly fried board on arrival

userHead HellMa 2016-06-15 17:13:13 5379 Views9 Replies
Hello Lattepanda team!

First of all, thank you for your efficiency and for this amazing project.
I received my Lattepanda a few days ago and was surprised by how small it actually is! This is great!

However, I believe the board has fried the second time I turned it on:
I turned the LattePanda on after having built the plywood case, and everything seemed fine. Since I hadn't connected any keyboard or mouse I couldn't make the Windows 10 configuration.

So I turned it off, connected the display & touch screen and keyboard and mouse. But when I turned it on again, I first got the regular Lattepanda & Win10 loading screen, then I heard a crackling sound and it stopped working.

Now, everytime I plug the power USB (with given 5V@ 2A adapter), only the blue LED (D13) turns on for a few second. The red LED that is supposed to turn on for initialization doesn't turn on anymore, and the Lattepanda won't boot. There's no reaction at all when I press on the turn on button (even after pressing for more than 5 seconds).

After leaving the Lattepanda for 5 minutes, I came back to try again, and realized the plywood case had become very hot and I almost burned my fingers when taking off the USB power cord.

I don't expect this to be normal behaviour for the computer?
What can we do from now on?

I look forward to reading your answer.