First Impressions

userHead a.t.romano 2016-06-19 03:54:56 8856 Views12 Replies
I've played with my new LattePanda for a few days now and my first impressions are that this thing is a piece of junk!

I have a 4G/64G version with the 7 inch screen and the touch panel.

These are my main issues:

1. The 7 inch display simply does not work reliably - requiring constant RESETS to get it to work after power cycles.

2. The unit was not properly thermally designed. This is basic basic engineering guys. One of the first things you look at are the thermals. The unit simply get too hot and shuts itself down once you put any load on the CPU. Sure I can add a fan but that is an after-thought which should have been dealt with by the designers and not me!

3. Windows is constantly being corrupted requiring a full re-install or repair on a regular basis. Not sure what the cause is but I think it has something to do with the display.

4. For some unknown reason my mouse pointer disappears periodically.

5. On initial power up with an external HDMI screen the unit always powers down and requires a second restart to get it working.

What are your impressions?