HowTo: Power your LP without using microusb

userHead Relampago 2016-06-20 06:33:02 7166 Views7 Replies
I want to legt you guys now, that it is possible to power lattepanda through any 5v connector.

I am now using a non USB 5,2 3A power supply to power lattepanda on connector 6.

In addition I did some current measurements.

Boot: round about 1A
Windows usage: 1.2A

Furmark: At start 2.8A than 1.9A

Cs go: 2.1A

GPU-z Test: 2.1A

As a side note, with a 2A USB power apply, the lattepanda shutdown when I was starting furmark. Starting gpuz test with 2A power supply let to a throttling of all cores to 480 MHz. There seems to be a low current mechanism in the atom.