Problem with the IPS Display (Screen unclear and shut down)

userHead Drakstorm 2016-06-22 01:14:29 4223 Views6 Replies

I already post something but I deleted myself for different reasons. With a friend we take a LP during the kickstarter and mine has a problem.
First, at the beginning, the IPS screen never has been clear. I read some posts about that and I had thought that will be resolve be a reset of the LP but not. The touch pad works by the way.
Second, when I use the IPS screen, the LP shut down itself and only when I use the IPS, with the HDMI port it works. So I don't know if the problem is the IPS or the LP and the connector of the IPS.

When I will have the time, I gonna check with the IPS of my friend but during this time I post this to know if someone have an idea of what I can do.