SD Card Reader produces errors when writing data

userHead cmoetzing 2016-06-26 19:26:11 3342 Views3 Replies
Did anyone try to store a bigger amount of data on a SD card with the built in reader (>64GB) ?
For me it only causes trouble.

First I did not have a heat sink so my LP was running at 500Mhz. I couldn't even create a folder at that time. The explorer hung for 10min and the I got a device error. Now that I have a heat sink (and LP is running at full speed) I placed 100GB data on the card (on an external card reader connected to different PC). Inserting the card into LP did work, data was there. After two days all off the 100GB was gone. The folder where the data was did contain the entries of another folder on the card with 3 small files (duplicated content, great). So I reformatted the card and tried to write data via network to the card an I get errors every 1000 files that it cant write.

Removed the card and inserted into the external (total cheap ass) reader and it works fine again. So it can't be the card.