Where can I find hardware drivers?

userHead chancechen 2016-07-03 00:25:23 3376 Views2 Replies
The easy question , what/where is hardware drivers ?

I reinstall Win10 32bit and choose 'Traditional Chinese version', it runs OK but no WIFI, something wrong on Graphics and USB.
I've read lots of message about drivers in this forum. the 'Intel Driver Update' , '2+32_X86_Drivers' etc.. All of them go wrong with me.

Intel Driver Update said 'not found' after scan the LattePanda hardware.
2+32_X86_Drivers got 'wrong hardware' error on Realtek WIFI and Graphic driver when load the INF file by pnputil program. (pnputil -i -a igdlh.inf , cmd command line interface by admin role). If I run 'Setup.exe' on PlatformInstaller directory (GUI interface), it still goes wrong and said can't install.

Please let me know which IC/Chipset the Audio/WIFI/Graphic used ? hope I can find them back one by one.


BTW, I'd reinstalled Win10 32bit English version before , and run 2+32_X86_Drivers. it also got lots of error messages ( I know the story about .inf.txt should change name to .inf) , and system became unstable and easy to hangon/halt . I'm sure it's the wrong driver make it unstable.

Thanks again.