[CLOSED] wifi error code 10 + display flickering

userHead strahlemann 2016-07-11 18:14:55 7323 Views8 Replies
Dear Lattepanda team!

I am facing some difficulties with my two lattepandas!
I have already written you an email to "lattepanda@outlook.com", but I haven't received any answer at all!!!

One of my two lattepandas is facing a flickering display. Hence, the touchscreen is not usable at all! I can provide you with a video of it if you want to see it flickering. Please let me know where to send it to because I can only upload files of a maximum size of 256 KB here!

The other lattepanda has got some difficulties with the wifi antenna: error code 10 (like other users have written before). I've attached you a picture of the problem. 20160711_120617.jpg the picture shows the code 10 error with the broadcom wifi module 20160711_120617.jpg (162.81 KiB) Viewed 7103 times I am using a 2A power supply and tried to reinstall Windows and every know driver (including those from your website)!

Please let me know how I get a refund or a repaired unit!
Thanks a lot!