[DEFECTIVE] Enhanced version not working Backer #2755

userHead Psyllonaut 2016-07-19 17:05:48 3222 Views2 Replies
I have two LP, the basic version is just working fine, but the enhanced version is really a mess.

Fist it was stucked in the "just a moment - loop". Than I tried to reinstall the image offered in the troubleshooting section.
After 5min it suddenly shuted down. When connecting to power the blue led blinks but the red LED ist not working anymore. The backside of the LP gets extremly hot now.

I read in the forum that a lot of people have problems with the enhanced version. I want to send my one back and get a refund or a working one, too.

To which adress should I send the damaged one?

Thx a lot!