[DISCUSSION] How to "flash" the BIOS after its corruption?

userHead hlide 2016-07-23 20:17:38 3409 Views2 Replies
My LP has been a brick since the day I tried to save and exit the BIOS the first time - at least I think so.

Whenever I tried to boot LP, nothing can run : keyboard, mouse, microSD, USB mass storage key are all silent without lit LEDs. So it means the BIOS was corrupted. Obviously, I have no radiator and no fan to cool down the bottom of the card to keep Z8300 from throttling. So now, my LP acts as a brick.

Since I cannot re-flash the BIOS using USB mass storage key or microSD, is there any way to do so? A long time ago LP team answered there is a way involving a programmer (so a hardware piece to connect to LP - through JTAG?) but with no more details. They talked about an option to write a Repair Guide as well but I've never heard about it since then.

So are there some knowledgeable people to help us (that is, me and the other people in the same situation) to repair this LP by indicating what we need and how to do so? it may be a junk but I prefer to make it work again.