[DEFECTIVE] Red light constantly flashing, will not boot

userHead Canities 2016-07-26 18:00:45 3283 Views3 Replies
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Hi i have a problem with my Lattepanada Enhanced, it has been working fine (with the exclusion of bottle necking due to overheating and having to reinstall windows after receiving it).

I recently left it switched off for 2 days and now it goes through the below cycle:
  • Power it on
    Blue light flashes
    Red light flashes
    Blue light stops flashing
    Red light continues flashing
Nothing else works, its just sits there with the red light flashing. I've tried using the reset button & holding the power button (which just switches it off). I have also tried 4 different power adapters & 3 different usb cables, but it still does the above.

Does this mean my Latte is bricked or is there a fix for this?