Lattepanda no boot, red flashing light, gets extremely hot!

userHead CJ Morin 2016-07-27 06:34:14 2628 Views1 Replies
Hello I recieved my Lattepanda HARDWARE DEV KIT: LattePanda enhanced kit + IoT Dev Pack.
Backer number 2,423

I was able to get it to start setup windows and use it on 3 separate occasions and I went to go use it on July 4 and it would not work. At first the red light would not turn on and then it would get hot. I unplugged it and waited about five minutes and tried it again that time the red an blue led flashed continuously and will not boot. I have used the supplied power cord an adapter with it. I am downloading the windows x64 image an will try to reflash it in hopes that will work.

I finally downloaded the Windows Image and it did not work , I know I am not the only backer with issues and you sent out an email directing us to use the forums but yet you all do not reply.

Any help you can offer in the meantime would be greatly appreciated.