[CLOSED] LattePanda 7" Screen Ghosting

userHead Tolsi 2016-08-03 01:20:42 17655 Views33 Replies
I have the same problem, as well as several other comrades.

I got it after glued the touchscreen and the screen, and then connected to the plumes to the shut down board.
I wrote on techsupport@lattepanda.com 4 days ago and there was no answer. Resend today also to dfrobot support email.
I do not have a second board/second screen to check, but lattepanda works well with hdmi screen. I have to send the board too? I already use LatePanda with my TV and do not want to lose it for a while Poor quality screen useless to me

What are the terms of sending a replacement? You send a replacement to the point of sending this parts (after getting tracking code) or when you get it? You will get money back for the shipment?

My DFRobot order is #61160 and Kickstarter backer number is #225. I would like to change the shipping address, but my email address is the same.

Some photos: